Youneeq's A.I. Ad Engine Kicks Butt

Youneeq's A.I. Ad Engine Kicks Butt

Youneeq’s A.I. ad engine rev’s up your native content/sponsored content/advertorials sales strategy!


Youneeq’s A.I. ad engine targets sponsored content to users most likely to respond directly to your advertisers’ offers.


Youneeq’s A.I. ad engine ensures your native content/sponsored content/advertorials — are presented to the right person, at the right time, on the right device.


Youneeq’s A.I. ad engine has nearly 3x the click through rate of standard content when A/B tested in real time.  Higher click through on native content/sponsored content/advertorials translates directly to higher sales for your advertisers and increases the sales of sponsored content on your site(s).


When you integrate Youneeq’s A.I. ad engine, you’ll get real-time and summary user consumption and referral data for billing and sales support. You’ll also have the ability to increase the number of impressions of sponsored content with our one-click content promotion feature.


Automated personalization, higher click through, real-time reporting for billing and sales support, and content promotion—all of this means higher sales for you and your advertisers. Youneeq is a simple, inexpensive, and secure integration.


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