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Today every company is in the experience economy where engagement is key to conversion and revenue. Engagement is the single biggest driver of conversions and revenue. And the most important part of that is personalization. This includes real time personalization of content or products presented to someone, the type of micro-conversions such as signing up for email or an event, and selecting the right offer – and timing – for each customer or prospect. This is what Youneeq does.

Youneeq’s AI captures and analyzes website visitor behaviour historically and in real-time. Aggregates profile and other profile-related data with behavioural data and scans and analyzes website and ecommerce content. Youneeq utilizes proprietary machine learning and algorithms to provide both content/product personalization and recommendations. There by delivering real-time personalization and unique user experiences. Youneeq’s real time dashboard provides reporting on content, engagement and personalization data.

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Youneeq - 320F-838 Fort St

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Murray Galbraith - CEO