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Murray Galbraith - CEO 

Enterprises that engage Youneeq’s artificial intelligence personalization engine will outperform businesses that don’t engage an A.I. personalization solution.

High Returns – Low Investment. That’s What Youneeq Delivers

    Channel Management
  • We monitor and give management the tools to adapt products through each cycle.
Line of Business Trends
  • By leveraging Youneeq’s A.I., you can collect claims data, client trends, client behaviors, and develop strategies that focus on profit margins.
Usage Based Pricing
  • With I.P. licensing, a company can gamify the user experience by introducing risk management influenced behavior
Cross Sell Upsell
  • The ideal situation for an insurer is when a client has multiple choices. These opportunities don’t come often and an agent or company needs to be prepared.
Product Recommendations
  • A key to any insurance sale is understanding what each individual clients needs, wants, and what products fit them best. 
Line of Business Trends
  • With custom built features you can determine if an insurance product is profitable.
Profile Attributes
  • Use ancillary data to get a clearer picture of client
Contact Strategy
  • How do you know when it is the right time to contact a client?
New Business Trends
  • Youneeq opens up new business trends with its clustering feature