A.I. Personalization for Ecommerce

Convert anonymous users to known users with Youneeq’s AI





Converting 3% of the anonymous visitor audience can effectively double the known audience.

Converting 10% of anonymous visitors, and increasing known conversion by 20%, can lift revenue over 400%.

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A.I. personalization creates long term profitable individual relationships.

A New Way of Thinking

Real Time Customer Insights

  • Secure, centralized, and easily accessible.
  • Create seamless customer experiences across a network of sites.
  • Provides marketers with a one-to-one relationship to their clients.

Real Time Data Driven Marketing

  • Better determine product and content listing options and listing ROI.
  • Customized alerts for real time decision making and adjustments.
  • Combine metrics, product listings and decision-making tools.

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Murray Galbraith - CEO