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Customer Experience

Create deeper, long-lasting customer relationships.

Instant Insights

The smartest way to grow your business—actionable insights now.

Predict the unpredictable

Be ahead of the curve. Surpass your competitors.

Lightning Fast

Receive the benefits of millions of calculations per second.


“The data illuminated which type of content has the best chance of attracting monetized subscribers.”

Kymberli Hagelberg, Manager Digital Growth, Lorain Publishing

UNCOVER Your hidden potential

  • Putting the client at the centre of your business
  • Prioritizing the direct-to-client experience
  • Simpler product and path-to-purchase

  • Attrition and lapse risk data collection
  • Contact strategy and nurturing
  • Profile attributes

Marketing & Channel Management
  • Line of business trends
  • New product launch
  • Pipeline

Youneeq Offers superior Insights

From batch and blast

to an audience of one

From selling products

to solving needs

from generalization

to personalization

From static change

to constant improvement

How Youneeq Works

Discover how simple and powerful Youneeq is.

Three simple steps to start

No disruption to business and technical road maps.
30 – 60 day free trial.

Step One

Insert simple javascript onto site.

Step Two

Analyzes data and behaviors.

Step Three

Supplies dashboard and needs analysis.

Client Testimonials

As the Senior Professional Services Manager of Libercus, I know what a dependable vendor means. And all the qualities that a vendor must possess can be found in the operations of Youneeq!

Denise Copeland Libercus
Youneeq A.I. personalization happy customer

“Youneeq has generated incremental page view growth for the Toledo Blade. We have found Youneeq support personnel to be responsive, competent, consistently exceeding expectations.”

John Crisp Block Communications

“The data illuminated ways in which we could deliver ads to a wider audience, as well as what type of content has the best chance of attracting monetized subscribers.”

Kymberli Hagelberg Lorain Publishing

Youneeq Embedded Inquiry

We look forward to speaking with you and learning more about you and your challenges, and to answer any questions you might have.


Murray Galbraith - CEO 

Some of our Clients & Partners